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02/08/2016 16:03

The “Day of Good Deeds” project has appeared in 2007 in Israel thanks to Sherea Arison’s initiative, the largest Israeli philanthropist. Later this project was started and organized by a nongovernmental organization “Ruakh Tova” which is a part of “Ted Arison Family Foundation” — a charitable division of “Arison Group”. The companies, non-profit organizations and associations, municipalities, schools and many other organizations in more than 50 countries of the world participate in a wide range of projects of “Day of Good Deeds”, and Bryansk did not become an exception. Thanks to support of the Administration of Sovetsky district, the Volunteer community “Camomile” and “Present The Hope”, and also to the volunteers of Bryansk State University, it was possible for us to create the new good tradition for our city.

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