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05/03/2016 10:46

The War always begins suddenly, though, later on for the historians it will seem inevitable. In 1941 the most terrible, the closest, the most expensive — the Great Patriotic War has begun .
The Victory Day of the Soviet Union over fascist Germany in the World War II was and remains to one of the most esteemed holidays both in Russia, and in the CIS countries. By nice tradition of the last years, everywhere the volunteers are distributed the St. George’s Ribbons which not only veterans, but also the youth tie and carry as a symbol of connection between the generations and memory of the Great Victory.
Our volunteers have decided to carry out the action devoted to the 70 anniversary of a Victory too. The volunteers during certain time drove to the houses of veterans where they, of course, congratulated them and collected memoirs of veterans in the future to publish the book with their personal stories.

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